Saturday 31 May 2014

Meet Qt Contributors at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014

In case you're close to San Francisco next week, don't miss the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 because Qt is covered there rather extensively! On Tuesday, June 3 at 2:15 pm, top contributor of the Qt for Tizen project Tomasz Olszak will introduce people (these that are for some reason not yet accustomed with it) cuteness of Qt and its Tizen port. His presentation is called Qt and Tizen together can do more. Everyone will have opportunity to talk to Tomasz in person during the three conference days.

Other Qt for Tizen contributor, Leon Anavi will popularize porting Tizen to open-source hardware devices for beginners. Leon is known for his ports of Tizen to various devices where Qt apps worked just fine from early days. His presentation is scheduled on the same day at 11:30 am.

Just after Leon's talk you would also definitely want to meet another great Qt for Tizen contributor Philippe Coval (RzR) from Eurogiciel who will talk on about cooperating with upstream projects and packaging tips and tricks (Tuesday, 12:15pm).

If that's not enough, you can meet Thiago Macieira, Software Architect from Intel who is not only maintainer of Qt Core and Qt D-Bus modules of but is also responsible for the Tizen 3.0 open governance.

See the entire schedule of the conference. Have a lot of fun and productive time!

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