Saturday 29 June 2013

Qt for Tizen Gets Feature Boost

Second alpha release of Qt for Tizen 1.0 concludes 30 days of intensive development of the mobile-optimized, cross-platform application and user interface development framework. We have a number of thrilling news to share with you!

Following the approach introduced in the first alpha each release of Qt for Tizen delivers two products, Qt framework for Tizen and Qt Tizen Integration. We have upgraded the Qt framework to benefit from the newest Qt mobile technologies. A number of new GUI Qt Quick controls have been added, each compliant with the Tizen guidelines, without sacrificing the legendary comfort of development and portability of Qt code to other platforms. Finally, applications built with Qt properly run on actual Tizen smartphones

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Qt for Tizen Merchandise

Just like the code, we have carefully crafted t-shirts and other merchandise. Visit Use with pride and fun!

Qt for Tizen t-shirts

There's even something stylish for geek girls :)

PS: You can use the MYSHIRT2013 voucher code for 15% off until 7th June and further 10-30% off for volume orders. No, we're not making money on this :) Just support us by wearing these clothes and drinking from these mugs.

PS2: When making any composition like these, please read these usage guidelines for Qt and for Tizen.

Monday 3 June 2013

Qt 5.1 Cinematic Experience Demo on Tizen Devices

Qt Cinematic Experience is a famous QML application that demonstrates the power of Qt 5 and the new additions in Qt Quick 2.0. The app uses Qt Quick particles, sprites, path animations, shader effects and other cute graphical effects.

Qt Cinematic Experience demo app is running successfully on two different Tizen reference devices: RD-210 and RD-PQ. Both devices have been updated by flashing Tizen 2.1 (Nectarine) and the QML app is powered by Qt 5.1 for Tizen. Hardware acceleration has been enabled on the devices by installing Mali DDK for Tizen 2.1. The frame rate is approximately 60 frames per second on both devices.