Monday 3 June 2013

Qt 5.1 Cinematic Experience Demo on Tizen Devices

Qt Cinematic Experience is a famous QML application that demonstrates the power of Qt 5 and the new additions in Qt Quick 2.0. The app uses Qt Quick particles, sprites, path animations, shader effects and other cute graphical effects.

Qt Cinematic Experience demo app is running successfully on two different Tizen reference devices: RD-210 and RD-PQ. Both devices have been updated by flashing Tizen 2.1 (Nectarine) and the QML app is powered by Qt 5.1 for Tizen. Hardware acceleration has been enabled on the devices by installing Mali DDK for Tizen 2.1. The frame rate is approximately 60 frames per second on both devices.

Qt enables developers to code less and thanks to the community-driven port of Qt for Tizen they can deploy successfully their applications on different Tizen devices without any modifications of the applications' source code.

The latest YouTube video related to Qt for Tizen shows Qt Cinematic Experience in action on Tizen devices. The first Tizen reference device which was released last year is called RD-210 and during the video it is situated on the left side of the screen. It is based on the hardware of Samsung Galaxy S2 HD. On right side of the screen is the new Tizen reference device. It is called RD-PQ and its hardware specifications match Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). 

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