Sunday 7 July 2013

Meet Us At The Qt Contributors Summit 2013

The Qt Contributors Summit (aka QtCS) is the main Qt Project event. QtCS 2013 is the third edition after the successful launch of Qt Open Governance in 2011.
It's invitation-only event for Qt contributors, not users (for users there are Qt Developer Days), scheduled for Monday-Tuesday, July 15-16 in Bilbao, Basque Region, Spain. This year QtCS joined forces with KDE Akademy what is especially great for me as a KDE contributor. For program see the wiki page. Much more topics are planned and as usual will appear in real time during the meeting since it's an unconference. If you are interested but cannot attend for any reason you can still expect a lot of materials to be public. I think discussions will also float to online communities too.

In the Qt for Tizen department we're hoping to work at least on the following topics:

  • Qt for Tizen Integration - how to further generalize a common approach of mobile OS integration for benefit of Qt on Android, iOS and various emerging Linux-based OSes,
  • Qt Quick Components and Styles - spreading techniques of cross-platform Qt Quick-based software development already adopted in Qt for Tizen controls to Android, iOS and so on.

Whatever interests you most, you can meet Tomasz Olszak and me during these two days. Just look for Qt for Tizen t-shirts :)

More ideas what topics could be covered? Do no hesitate to tell in the comments below.

(C) Knut Yrvin

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