Monday 20 May 2013

Qt Launches on Tizen with Standard Look and Feel

Ten days after we said Hello to the world, we're happy to announce Qt for Tizen 1.0 Alpha 1 release containing a mobile-optimized, cross-platform application and user interface development framework.

Qt for Tizen is a common name for two products:

Qt framework for Tizen, currently based on Qt 5.1 beta, works with Tizen Emulator. Thanks to exceptional cross-platform nature of Qt most of the work was related to configuring and building the binaries. Qt Creator SDK can be already used for developing new applications and porting existing ones.

Qt Tizen Integration, now introducing basic set of native controls with default look and feel of Tizen mobile profile. All these controls are based on cross platform API of Qt Quick Controls Style introduced in Qt 5.1.

Detailed changes

  • Qt framework for Tizen: Added build tools for Tizen emulator (with Tizen emulator device Qt mkspecs). The build tools have been prepared with Linux workstations in mind and have been tested with Tizen 2.1 beta. While QWidget APIs are fully supported, Qt Quick graphical stack is recommended as it is optimized for touch interfaces of smartphones and provides Tizen's look and feel out of the box.
  • Qt Tizen Integration: Basic Qt Quick Controls with Tizen Style: Button, Progress, Slider, CheckBox, TabBar. Currently handled is white theme and 720x1280 resolution, however Qt Quick Controls for Tizen are already technically prepared for multiple themes and resolutions.

    Touch example app from Qt examples works with the Tizen controls:


  • Qt framework for Tizen: qt-tizen-1.0-alpha1.tar.gz, 14KiB.
    It only contains build tools, the Qt source code is a standard 5.1 release. See the desktop/README document for desktop build, and emulator/README for emulator build.
  • Qt Tizen Integration: qt-tizen-integration-1.0-alpha1.tar.gz, 3.8MiB. See the README document for instructions.
  • md5 sums for the above files

Known Issues

See this wiki page.

Further Plans

At later stage deeper integration between Qt and Tizen specifics or services is planned, including support for real smartphones, real and emulated phone sensors, contacts, WebKit and more. Development on Mac OS X and Windows would be supported too. Our roadmap is developed in the open.


Qt for Tizen is an initiative by software developers and for software developers, aimed at bringing the full Qt Creator-based developer experience to Tizen application development. Potential reuse of prior Qt, C++ and QML knowledge gained by several hundreds of thousands of software engineers is especially beneficial. The project is purely community-driven and free software/open-source friendly so anyone can join. Detailed introduction to the initiative is available on the Qt Project wiki.

Contact and updates

This release happened especially thanks to huge development work done by Tomasz Olszak. The list of all project contributors is available on the wiki page. Remember, you can always join us. If you wish to comment please do so below on this blog or at your convenience use the following sites:

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